“The 45 Spiciest Dishes in the City”, featuring Shabu-Shabu Lamb with Spearmint on the cover

Houstonia Magazine - Summer 2021

“One of the Best New Restaurants in Houston”

Houstonia Magazine - 2019

"I would eat here everyday and never regret it."

Vanessa P - Yelp

“Anyways, all you need to know is that this place impressed my hard-to-impress Asian parents so you know the food is legit.”

Sophia S - Yelp

"Fantastic food. In from CA. Authentic Goldmine.”

Richard D - Yelp

“Brilliant in every way! Incredibly nice staff and even more delicious food!”

Mark W. - Google Review

“Every time I come to Hu's Cooking, I'm already thinking about the next time I'm coming back. The food, service and atmosphere are all top notch. Highly recommend.”

B W - Google Review

“This place serves some very authentic Chinese dishes and many Chinese people travel for hours just to come here and eat.”

Chewwei L - Yelp