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The different kind of Chinese Fusion Restaurant.  We promise a more sophisticated flavor and taste that no one has in Houston.

Our nice and clean environment, sincere serving staff along with our responsible management team will all be something that makes your dining experience most memorable.

Hu's Cooking Sig-17_edited.jpg

Hu’s Cooking is one of those finds, when you are traveling, that will make for the most wonderful memory. Our atmosphere is modern, contemporary and cool.  We want our customers to come in and relax, enjoy a wonderful selection of authentic food, and have a great dining experience.  Our culinary team strives to provide the most unique taste, different flavors, and creative dishes.  We proudly say our food is an extension of the Chinese culture, but our customers can only be the judges, so we encourage you to come and give us a try.


​​Welcome to the Hu’s Cooking and we look forward to serving you!


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